Through education, training and media outreach, we work to prevent child sexual abuse and change public policy to make it easier to prosecute pedophiles.


Children. The average age of a victim is 9-years-old. Children need to learn the danger signs early and directly. We teach that no one should look at or touch their genital areas or breasts; that adults or teenagers may minimize sexual activity as just a game; that they need to alert a parent if someone shows an unusual interest. Some organizations avoid this approach, fearing parental objections; we believe it is critical so children know it’s important to speak up about abuse so we can stop or prevent it.

Parents. Along with children’s presentations, we present to parents to share what their children are learning. We also teach how to identify various types of perpetrators and perpetrator behavior patterns.

Communities. We employ community presentations when working on serial pedophile cases. In conjunction with these presentations, we inform the public via news media that there is a pedophile in their community and that we are working to stop the individual. This often prompts community members to contact us to identify victims or share other information helpful to the case.

Schools. Our school presentations are geared for elementary, middle and high school students. As a prevention measure, we note that if a student knows someone who has confided that they are sexually attracted to children, or if they themselves have had such thoughts, confidential support is available.


CEU Workshops. We offer training workshops for continuing education credits for social workers, psychologists, nurses, school teachers, Children’s Advocacy Center staff, child protective services staff, law enforcement officers and judges.

Motivational Programs. Children and Youth Services staff often get burned out from the emotional toll of their jobs. We offer programs that help inspire and motivate these professionals to press on.

Case Studies. We also present workshops on specific cases, such as the Jerry Sandusky prosecution, to educate professionals on the particulars of such a case.


We are committed to working with news media to educate the public about the societal issue of child sexual abuse, as well as working with the media on specific pedophile cases. The more attention child sexual abuse receives, the more the public will come to understand how to respond to possible abuse and public policy will evolve to stop and prevent it.

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