Victim Services

We provide free and confidential support to victims and their families – regardless of whether the abuse occurred recently or years ago; regardless of whether the victim is a child or is now an adult.


Assessing any immediate danger and treating the victim is always prioritized first.

Using a proven approach based on decades of experience, crisis counseling and guidance on engaging law enforcement is provided as needed by a qualified therapist.

Recognizing that revealing abuse to anyone – including law enforcement – is extremely difficult, victims are never pressured to a file a report.


After providing immediate support, we facilitate an introduction to a therapist, local to the victim, who can provide ongoing services at no cost or the lowest cost possible.

If needed, we help victims obtain financial assistance through state medical assistance programs.


Each serial pedophile is estimated to victimize at least 100 boys or girls. To help stop pedophiles and protect other children from abuse, we provide guidance and support to victims who are ready to tell their stories to law enforcement. We accompany victims throughout this process.

We also work with victims, and their family members and friends, to identify other individuals who were molested by same perpetrator. We accomplish this through a compassionate and protective process that often locates dozens of other victims who typically haven’t told anyone of the abuse they endured and who typically welcome the confidential services we offer. Sometimes these additional victims decide to file police reports, making prosecution possible as District Attorneys currently require more than one victim to proceed to trial.


We aggressively advocate for victims.

We help victims and their families with courts or prosecutors. We help secure basic needs and safety. We help ensure victims are not unfairly hindered from receiving a proper education.

Our advocacy work ranges from direct involvement in specific cases to broad efforts involving legislation and regulations that affect victims’ rights.

Contact us at (888) 328-0865 or for confidential support.